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Ministers Council


Dear Pastoral Colleagues,

Centered in Christ
Competent in Ministry
Colleagues in Community

These nine words summarize the vision of our ABCOPAD Regional Ministers Council. In order to live the vision with you; we need you to join the ABCOPAD Ministers Council ($25 dues) as well as the National Ministers Council (see the national scale below).  Please take a moment right now and go to the web-site linked below.  If you scroll down to the bottom you will find an on-line payment option to pay with your credit card. Payment Link

National Ministers Council Due Structure:            Regional Dues:
$55,000 +               $100 / year                                $25 / year
$25,000-$54,999       $50 / year                                $25 / year
$10,000-$24,999       $25 / year                                $25 / year
<$10,000                  $10 / year                                $25 / year
You will need to add your national dues to the regional dues when paying through the mail or online. It will be assumed that everyone wants to be a member of the regional council if paying online, therefore the first $25 will be kept regionally.

In closing, I want to emphasis how the Ministers Council is our professional association.  It is the only organization in ABCUSA life which is solely dedicated to supporting and advocating for our ministerial leaders.  I encourage you to join as we seek to be:

Centered in Christ
Competent in our Ministry
Colleagues in Community.

In Christ's Service

Pastor Debbie Loessy
MC President on behalf of the entire MC Executive Committee

P.S. For further information on the Ministers Council, please go to  and look for Ministers Council under Pastoral Leadership or go the National Ministers Council website at

P.S.S. We will be sending a letter to all ABCOPAD Church Treasurers, including your treasurer if you have yet to join.  We encourage dues to be paid by the church, not by the pastor.  We understand if you want to wait until your treasurer receives our letter.  When (s)he asks you whether to pay the dues,  we trust your answer will be Yes! I would like to be a member of The Ministers Council. 




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