American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Emanuel Baptist Church celebrates
100 Years of God's Faithfulness



This weekend our American Baptist sisters and brothers at Emanuel Baptist Church in Donora (southwest PA) where Beverly Frank is the pastor celebrated their 100th anniversary with a Saturday evening celebratory catered dinner followed by a concert by the Irwin Male Chorus. Dr Jeff Johnson, our Regional Pastor with Congregations presented a certificate from the ABC Historical Society noting that 25 American Baptist Churches were founded in 1911, two in ABCOPAD. Emanuel and Latvia Baptist in what is now the eastern corridor of the region. He also presented a self-made certificate noting life in America in 1911 like gas was 3c a gallon. A brand new car was $750. A newly constructed home was a whopping $2500. The church began on the tail-end of a tent revival on the backside of the third great awakening during the steel boom of the Mon-Valley, and continues to hold a strategic place at bringing the Light of Christ to those who need to meet the Savior.

On Sunday morning, the church joined together for a special time of worship, featuring a lively message offered by former Pastor, the Reverend Dennis Zirkle, who served the church from July, 1977 to November, 1985.  Reverend Zirkle's message was entitled, "Connect with God, Connect with a Friend , Be a Bridge", and challenged the congregation to reflect with joy on the way God had worked in the life of the fellowship over 100 years, but also to receognize that God was not through with them.  Using a baseball image, Reverend Zirkle shared that while some may think that the church's life may be in the 'bottom of the 9th", he believes God wants to take the church into 'extra innings' and called the congregation to strengthen it's efforts in connecting with God, connecting with others and then building a bridge between the two!

The congregation was also blessed to have Reverend Zirkle's wife, Jan, share her gifts and talents by sharing with church organist , Mr. Thomsas Nichols on a number of stirring musical pieces.  


ABCOPAD Regional Executive Pastor,  Dr Frank Frischkorn was present as well and brought congratulatory greetings from the region, presenting the church with a certificate marking this significant occasion.  Following the service, all present were invited to the Fellowship Hall for a delicious luncheon and a time of encouraging fellowship.


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100th Anniversary of the Emanuel Baptist Church, Donora