American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware


Rev. Linda J. Foody, Transformational Interim Minister, Trinity Baptist Church, and Rev. Dr. James Munro, Executive Director, Interim Ministries-ABC

On Sunday, August 2, 2009, Trinity Baptist Church (Scranton) welcomed the Rev. Linda J. Foody as their Transformational Interim Minister.  Trinity BC is the fifth church Rev. Foody has served as an IM, and she is the first Transformational Interim Minister placed by Interim Ministries-ABC, according to Dr. James Munro, Executive Director.

Rev. Foody began her career in ministry in 1984.  "I want to serve a community of faith  that wants to grow spiritually, while reaching out in ministry and mission.  I love working with others to uncover their vision for ministry . . . I love challenging people to see life from a spiritual perspective . . . I love the excitement and energy that emerges when God is experienced among us!"  In the four churches Rev. Foody has previously served as the interim pastor, she has addressed a variety of significant issues from helping to write new mission statements to managing a rebuilding project after a roof collapse.  "When the infrastructure of a congregation is in place, it stops draining the congregation's energy away from ministry and mission," she says.

The Transformational Interim program differs from other interim programs in several significant ways:

  • Transformational Interims, unlike Ministers at Large, are usually pre-retired pastors with a track-record of turning around churches.
  • Transformational Interims work full-time, not the usual 4 days per week.
  • Transformational Interims will work only with those churches that recognize they are in a state of plateau or decline, and which have shown a strong desire and willingness to turn things around.
  • The commitment between a church and a Transformational Interim is for three years (or longer).  At the end of those three years, Interim Ministries-ABC will waive its contractual ban on Interims becoming the full-time pastors of a congregation, and the Transformational Interim may continue their ministry as the called pastor of that congregation.
  • The Transformational Interim program is built upon a covenant agreement between the church, the Interim Minister, Interim Ministries-ABC, and the region.

Recently, Rev. Foody commented that one of the things that has impressed her the most during her short time in ABCOPAD is the region's commitment to continuing education for its pastors through such resources as the Church Leadership Institute, seminars such as the recent Church Lifecycle workshops (Rev. Tom Beers) and the upcoming Healthy Small Church workshops (Rev. Dennis Bickers), the Clergy Ethics Course, and other opportunities offered throughout the region.  Dr. Munro added, "With a long-term interim assignment designed to turn a church around, it is a delight that our first Transformational Interim Minister is placed in ABCOPAD, a region with a strong emphasis on providing resources for ministers and churches in its region."

On Sunday, October 25, at 4:00 PM, Trinity Baptist Church is going to hold a Covenanting Service to celebrate the beginning of Rev. Foody's ministry with them, and to publicly recognize the covenant between Rev. Foody, Trinity Baptist Church, Interim Ministries-ABC, and ABCOPAD.

ABCOPAD . . . and particularly the Northeast Area . . . is proud to be host and home to the first Interim Ministries-ABC Transformational Interim Minister, and we welcome Rev. Foody into the ABCOPAD family.

If you have any questions about the Transformational Interim Ministry program, or interim ministry in general, you may contact Dr. Munro at